First things first, reach out! You can reach me by phone (617-529-7024), drop me an email (, or find me on Instagram (@justkeefe).

I'll get a brief overview of what your photography or videography needs are so we can make sure I'm the right match for the project. Once that's settled, I'll provide you with a quote, and we'll move on from there!


For photography projects, this consists of deciding on a date and time for the shoot, developing a shot list, acquiring any additional equipment needed, and coordinating any necessary locations, props, or talent.

Videography projects consist of everything listed above, and include storyboarding and scripting as necessary.


I would say this is where the magic happens, but we're getting there. Step three involves filming or photographing the content needed for your project. I first ensure that everything on shot list is covered, then I capture any additional content that may be useful toward the project.


THIS is where the magic happens. For photography projects, I'll filter through all of the raw photos captured at the shoot and meticulously edit the ones needed for the project. I am fluent in a number of the Adobe Creative Cloud editing softwares. For photography work, I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

For video projects, I first label and organize all of the footage. From there I begin basic editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. I'll get a simple framework of the video created based on the storyboard. Next is sound design, adding b-roll, and color correction. Throughout the process, some elements will be brought into Adobe After Effects as needed in order to accomplish some more complex special effects, transitions, or motion graphics.


For photo projects, re-edits may be done if you'd like any specific changes to one or multiple photos. For example, if a photo was delivered in color but you'd like it in black and white, or cropped differently, or with a different color balance, re-edits may be done.

For video projects, you'll first receive a rough cut at the end of step four. Consider this a rough draft of the final video. Don't get me wrong, I intend for any rough cut to be as close to a finished product as possible, but it's also the first time you'll see the video, so generally expect at least a couple of edit requests. Re-edits are delivered as soon as the requests are fulfilled.


Photos are delivered in an online format in which you may download high resolution digital copies of each image. However, if you prefer different form of delivery, I'm happy to deliver them another way!

For videos, once the final edit has been completed, I export it for each individual platform you intend to use it on. For example, Youtube uses a different compression algorithm than Facebook, which uses a different algorithm than Instagram, and so on. You'll receive separate files of the video, each encoded with different settings, so that the video undergoes minimal quality loss when uploaded on each platform. Additionally, you may want the video exported with a different aspect ratio than the traditional horizontal 16x9 we're accustomed to. For example, Instagram allows videos to be uploaded as vertical as a 4x5 aspect ratio (or even 9x16 for Instagram Stories) which has been adopted by integrated social media marketing strategies for many successful businesses, influencers, and others. For Facebook or Twitter, you may want the video in a 1x1 (square) aspect ratio.


That's it! You have photos or videos that you love and get to share with your audience. But please stay in touch! I love hearing about the impact my work has on it's audience, and if you have any further photo or video needs, I'm here to help.


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I am a Gainesville, Florida based producer who tells brand and personal stories through photography and videography. I specialize in sports, outdoors, and lifestyle productions.


All photos and video content rights are owned by Justin Keefe and protected under Title 17 of the United States Code.

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